it's been a LONG time since I've posted anything.
school & life have gotten right in the way.
it's hard to think that i'll be graduating soon.
and that both of our girls are in school.

this is a video i found tonight of our oldest, 
taken right around the time when i started school.
time . sure . does . fly!

enjoy her deep belly giggles & the silly fun she has learning her abcs.
anyone know how to freeze time??


chart of chores.

With growing comes responsibility.

Why this concept is so thrilling for small children, I don't know. What I wouldn't give to be a child and worry about nothing more than making my bed.

Maybe they're just excited about the super cute chore chart that their super cute mommy made them? Quite possibly.


It's actually really simple, and you could easily make your own!

I took a frame that I had and put felt behind the plexi-glass. You could use anything instead of felt: cotton fabric, pretty paper, etc. I just liked the solid color of the felt. Then, on the OUTSIDE of the plexi-glass, I added their names and suction cup hooks to hang the chore cards on.

(Tip: buy felt big enough so you don't have seams like I did.)

The chore cards have a hole reinforced with an eyelet. I happen to own a little eyelet gadget that I secretly love. One side of the card says the chore, the other 'done'.

I hung it at kid level in the kitchen so they're at liberty to twist those bad boys around when they're all done being chore-y. I have offered no other incentive, just the turning of the papers, and the girls are gung ho about cleaning.

We'll see how long that lasts, right? It's rad for now!


gummy bears.

You know when your little girls fall in love with a song?

And then make you play it over and over and over again so that they can learn all of the words?

Only so that they can sing it constantly during dinner, playtime, bedtime, and every other moderately sane moment of the day?

Imagine that being done with the gummy bear song. Yeah, the one down there..

And then sympathize with me. And send me a bottle of advil.

To be completely honest, I kinda like it.. through the pounding head ache that is. But don't ever tell my girls that or I'll make a copy for YOUR kids. :)



Welcome to the new casera!

The other casera cost money and this one doesn't. So I switched. Call me crazy!

Casera is spanish for homemade. And I like homemade.

I also like blogs about traveling through the mountains or the creepy rain forest, but I really REALLY like homemade stuff. REALLY.

It's cheap, adventurous, and it fills up that little instant gratification addiction that each of us pretends we don't have.

So stop by casera once and a while for recipes, tutorials, stories of crazy girlies going on awesome adventures, and just plain life. Until next time!